Friday, November 18, 2011

Off season training, life in Prague.

So here it is! Since i have posted my last blog entry, lot of things happend. Anyway... after the end of the season in Austria at the extreme racing,  I settled in rented appartment in Prague. It's a big change as I lived in the small town outside of Prague since I was born. The reason why I moved was simple. Avoid the rutine of everyday traveling through Prague ( 45 mins + ), which is sometimes really dificult and especially during the hard winter times :-) The appartment is situated really close to the boathouse, thanks to my electric bike it takes me 6 mins of biking  to the river where I am everyday.

Adidas sickline 2011
The training is going well so far, we do heaps of aerobic training and trying to get some more physical base to be well prepared for next season. I do not enjoy this part of my kayaking life as I do the rest, but I know it's important so together with my coach and training mates, we are trying to make some things to be more fun and enjoyable than just raw weight lifting and running over hours and hours.

Last couple days was not really good for doing any activity outside, due to the sudden temperature change and other stuff, the polution is very bad and together with inversion makes crazy foggy nearly depresive days. Unfortunately the weather forecast is not too good so far to get this changed.
This is another reason why I am thinking of to go to the mountines soon. To try my new XC skies and get some  needed fresh air.

As well I have been trying to get some media and PR stuff work done, the latest was TV shooting for CZECH TV reporting my abilities to train in these days in such a poluted environment as asthmatic person.

Czech TV